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Rega RP1, Pro-Ject Debut Carbon, or AT-LP5? Hear them at MMA!


If you are Googling for a £300-ish turntable (or if you read What Hifi.....urrgghh....stop it!), then you will no doubt  come across the Rega RP1 (with the Performance Pack), Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC, and the Audio Technica AT-LP5.

How to choose which one? LISTEN TO THEM! We have the RP1, Debut Carbon, and AT-LP5 all in store so you can let your ears decide..

So whether the platter is metal or plastic (sorry Phenolic resin..), or direct or belt drive, choose the one YOU like the best, and buy it here at MMA!

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Oppo Sonica Wireless Speaker launches in US.

OPPO Sonica

Considering the (rightly deserved) reputation OPPO have earned for reference quality Bluray players, it was a bit of a surprise when they entered the headphone and DAC market a couple of years ago.

That surprise carried over to the performance: the HA Series of DACs and PM Series of headphones have been a revelation!!

Now, in the USA at least for the moment, OPPO are entering the heavily contested Wireless Speaker market with the Sonica!

The design of the Sonica was handled by Igor Levitsky, who was also behind Oppo’s PM series of planar magnetic headphones, so anticipation of how well the Sonica performs is high!

The Sonica features two 15-watt amplifiers powering two 3.5-inch woofers and a pair of 3-inch bass radiators. The speaker features two additional 10-watt amplifiers powering two wide-range drivers. Two Sonica units can be paired for wider stereo as well.

Unlike headphones, speakers are affected by the room acoustics they are placed within, so the Sonica features built-in presets to adapt the sound to different room types, speaker positions, and listening preferences. All of these are controlled using an official app, available for iOS and Android (again currently US-only).

The Sonica offers Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi, including AirPlay support.

The Sonica can handle high-resolution 2ch music files up to 24-bit / 192 kHz in FLAC, WAV, plus Apple Lossless formats. Music can come from a number of different sources, including USB sticks, DLNA servers, or NAS drives, with multiple built-in aerials and MIMO technology for the solid wireless signal stability.

There is no news on support for Streaming services as of yet, but undoubtedly this is being looked at before it makes it's way officially to the UK (probably the end of the year).


As soon as we get more info we'll let you know!!



Linsar Blade TV Images Released

Linsar Blade_Front

The wait is almost over, Linsar's Blade series TVs are due to ship very soon and just to whet the appetite some official product images have been released.

They are set to look just as stunning off as well as turned on!


The Blade Series will be available in 43", 49", or 55" and are sure to be as aesthetically stunning as their performance. (We will have the 55" model on display upon launch).

Get Your Music Fix Out In The Sun – No Strings Attached!

Sennheiser Momentum 2_0 Wireless

With thoughts turning to Spring/Summer breaks (and wanting to capitalising on the few days of sunshine), many of us want get out, enjoy it, and take our music with us.

Convention headphones on are fantastic, but sometimes the tangle of wires or poor sound of most wireless models, means that many leave their music behind....well with the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless headphones you can have wireless convenience AND hifi performance!

The Momentum 2.0 Wireless combines the performance of their highly regarded Momentum Over Ear wired headphones (£269.99) with the convenience of Bluetooth wireless and Active Noise Cancelling for only £379.99!

It's one of the most stable and reliable Bluetooth implementations we have come across, and it's up-to-date profile support ensures great compatibility with current and older generations of smartphones/music players. Even more surprising is that compared to running the headphones with a conventional cable, the performance over Bluetooth is VERY close to wired.

The Active Noise Cancelling is also remarkably efficient, providing excellent isolation without ruining sound quality, unlike many other designs on the market.

A premium price for a premium product that gives a premium performance.....sorted!

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MS HD Power Products Available Online Here At MMA!


Specialists in power products since 1967, MS HD Power brings the best in quality mains solutions but without the additional mark up of certain "designer brands".

With products ranging from inexpensive (but huge quality) mains extension blocks, up to expensive reference level Cryogenically treated products that redefine what you think your system is capable of!

Check out the MS-328 13A UK Mains Plug as an example (more MS Products will be uploaded to the shop soon).

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Record Cleaning Service Available In Store! For Old and New Records


Have you been hankering after the Pro-Ject VC-S Record Cleaning Machine, but can't quite stretch to it (or maybe you only have a small collection of LPs that makes justifying a £300 cleaning machine difficult)?

For only £2 per LP we can clean your records in store using this fantastic machine, and it's not just Charity Shop purchased records that need a clean!! Even brand new records should be cleaned by a machine like the VC-S before playback, because as records are pressed they naturally have deposits left over from the releasing agent when removed from the mould (This is why your first play of a brand new record will not sound as good as the 2nd/3rd playing).

Just as crucially, certain "drip dry" wet cleaning methods applied to records, end up with the bottom of the grooves being subject to left over gunk that hasn't dripped away. Cleaning with VC-S, it's powerful vacuum leaves your LPs super clean and bone dry!

If you have spent good money on a quality turntable, and care for it's stylus religiously, why subject it to dirty LPs?

Pop in store and get your LPs really shining in both looks and sound.

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New “The Classic” Turntable Launched by Pro-Ject! Pre-order NOW!


To celebrate their 25 year anniversary, Pro-Ject Audio are combining traditional design with modern technology in a brand new turntable model. The aptly named 'Classic' is a sleek, compact and elegant turntable based with a similar look and feel popularised by the likes of Thorens and Linn in the 1950's and 60's, but implemented with the innovative technologies Pro-Ject have become known for.

The two-plinth design allows the motor to sit in a separate plinth to the bearing and tonearm, reducing the unwanted transference of electrical and mechanical noise. The two medium-density fibre plinth sections are isolated from each-other with the use of specially selected Thermo-Plastic Elastomers (TPE). The use of TPE, rather than the spring-loaded method of historical designs, makes The Classic effortlessly simple to set up while retaining anti-resonance properties.

The blend of Pro-Ject sound quality and a quality tribute to much-cherished vintage designs is sure to be a real winner!


Order yours HERE at MMA today!!

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Pro-Ject’s JukeBox Record Player Makes A More Affordable Return!


A few years ago Pro-Ject launched the Jukebox, a Turntable with built-in 20W amplifier, that was based upon the Debut deck of the day and even came in an Esprit version for improved sound......but with prices starting from £499.00 it was maybe out of reach for many.

Now however, Pro-Ject have announced the Juke Box E not only brings down the price (£299.00) but also boasts Bluetooth connectivity too...

A few corners have had to be cut to get to the lower price: the tonearm, motor, and platter seem to be lifted from the budget Elemental turntable, which means that the balance/adjustment of the arm is fixed for use with the factory-fitted Ortofon OM5e cartridge, so upgrading to a different cartridge is not really an option nor is there the option of upgrading to an acrylic platter......but realistically very few people who want a Plug 'n' play "record player" are not interested in this sort of thing anyway!

On the amplification side, there have been some really useful updates!

You can connect a number of sources via the 3 line level inputs, and there's even the option of pairing and playing music from a mobile device via Bluetooth. The presence of a line output also gives you the option of connecting the Jukebox E to an external system further down the line.

The built-in amplifier now delivers 50 Watts of power which, given the reasonably high efficiency of modern loudspeakers, should be plenty to get a room-filling performance!

The Juke Box E will be available in gloss black, red or white when it goes on sale here at MMA around Mid-July - PREORDER HERE NOW!!

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Neat IOTA Alpha Officially Announced, Available To Order In June!


Neat Acoustics have today confirmed that the Iota ALPHA will be available from Mike Manning Audio from June 2016.

It caused a huge sensation at the Bristol Hifi Show earlier this year (in what was then a prototype form), and the details that Neat have now revealed explains why! Bob Surgeoner explains:

"Visually deceptive, the Iota Alpha required some unorthodox imagineering. The basis of the original Iota (the main drive unit and the EMIT type planar magnetic tweeter) is housed in the top section of the cabinet, in a sealed volume, angled upwards.

 This section is configured as a two-way closed box loudspeaker. The whole of the ported lower section is dedicated to augmenting the lower frequencies, via a downward-firing 134mm drive unit mounted on the bottom panel."

Set for a UK price at £1385.00 per pair, you can pre-order your pair HERE today at MMA!!

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Linsar Unleashing “Blade Series” 4K TVs This Month!

Linsar Blade Launch (1)

Linsar's entry into the UHD 4K arena has been anticipated for a LONG time, provisionally called Echo, the team at Linsar did not want to launch the models in such a fragile market - at that point in time HDMI 2.0 HDCP 2.2 had not been fully certified let alone the more recent changes to many apps on the Smart platform- so the delay has been entirely sensible and worth it!

The Blade Series will be available in 43", 49", or 55" and are sure to be as aesthetically stunning as their performance. (We will have the 55" model on display later this month).

Of course the rest of Linsar's range is also being updated, with new 4K entry-level models alongside new FHD models, and the performance/price ratio is going to be as hot as ever!!


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