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Wacky Weekend Deal! Yamaha RX-A550 (Ex Display)


The RX-A550 from Yamaha is a 5.1-channel AVENTAGE Network AV Receiver designed for supreme sound quality with movies AND music (A rarity for AV receivers at this price), featuring Anti-Resonance Technology and a high grade aluminium front panel and finish.

Advanced features include HDMI for 4K Ultra HD content support, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Built-In and High Resolution audio playback support. Plus with MUSICCAST support it can link up with other MUSICCAST products to bring superb multi-room entertainment to your home!

Check it out HERE before the end of Monday to grab a bargain!!

Yamaha RXA550black

Beat The Audio Technica Price Increase!

Audio Technica ATHAD500X

Audio Technica are due to increase their prices on August 1st 2016, affecting most of their product line.

So whether you want one of their 5 Star USB Turntables, Headphones, Microphones, Mixers, Cartridges or Styli (remembering that many styli out there are rebadged Audio Technica models!!) - Get your order in now to avoid the increase!!

Just call us on 01935 479361 to beat the bell!

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Hifi Sound, Yet 1/8th The Size, The Breathtaking Minimo!


Coming to Mike Manning Audio, the brilliant little Minimo!

Exactly like a true Hifi speaker but 1/8th the size, the MINIMO is a compact 2-way micro-sized Hifi speaker suitable for use on bookshelves and desktops, wall mounted or on stands.

It's long throw 90mm mid/bass unit features a deep rubber surround and a light, stiff aluminium diaphragm driven by a powerful balanced neodymium magnet motor system.

Ophidian's AEROFLEX technology enables this tiny litlle speaker to produce deep and controlled bass notes with a scale well beyond expectations.

Complimenting the mid/bass is a 27mm tweeter with a Sonolex coated fabric diaphragm and low distortion neodymium motor system. This gives excellent dispersion and seamless integration to give an incredible performance.

Order yours HERE at MMA!

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Our Annual Holiday Soon, 22nd – 29th August 2016


From August 22nd - 29th we will be closed for our Annual holiday! We'll back fully refreshed on Tuesday 30th.

Whether rain or shine, we will be cracking out some tunes and keeping our finger on the pulse of Hifi and Home Cinema developments.

Feel free to contact us on our Facebook/Twitter pages, or email and we will respond as soon as we can.

Orders over the website will still be processed, but will not ship before the 30th of August.



Ophidian Minimo – BIG moves from a tiny dancer!


Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting the designer behind the new Ophidian M & P Series of innovative BRITISH loudspeakers - and we got to play with the baby Minimo, Mojo, and Mambo.

All models feature Ophidian's unique AEROFLEX technology - very much a fusing of transmission line and ported principles - all contained within immaculate UK built enclosures and mated with high quality drivers.

Undoubtedly the baby Minimo left the biggest impression - very room placement friendly and a very expansive sound for a speaker SO small!

We are now eager to hear the P Series to see how AEROFLEX works within the bigger higher end P Series...

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Looking for a BARGAIN piece of 2nd Hand Naim Equipment?


One of the (MANY) strengths of Naim Audio equipment is the fact that (with a few minor exceptions) their equipment can be fully serviced to bring them back up to original "fresh from the factory" performance!

This is one of the reasons 2nd hand Naim equipment is SO desirable!


Check out our PREOWNED equipment section HERE.

Up this month:

Naim CDX2 (2012 spec)

NAC 202 (2012 spec)

NAP 250 (Olive Series) - Coming Next Week

Hi-Cap (Chrome Bumper) - Coming Next Week

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And Nova Something Completely Different….


Novafidelity (Cocktail Audio) has never been afraid to think outside of the box, and the newly announced N15 encapsulates the innovation that drives the company!

Due Winter 2016, the N15 is in effect a Network Music Player to add to you existing Hifi Amplifier but offers much, much more!!

In addition to this you can add HDD or SSD drives to allow it to run as a NAS, plus connect a PC/Mac and use the onboard USB DAC function to either feed your hifi or the in-built Headphone amplifier.

Want to play music that is not stored on your PC or Network storage? The N15 also supports Apple Airplay streaming, Google Cast Audio, Tidal, Qobuz and Deezer!

Controllable via a apps for Apple iDevices and Android devices, and all being pumped through the excellent SabreES9018K2m Reference DAC, the N15 is sure to be a major hit!!


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Made In Great Britain – World Leading Hifi!

Union Jack

British designed and manufactured Hifi is the envy of the hifi world - regardless of whether we are in or out of the EU! That envy has not only brought great success for our home grown brands, but also a huge amount of collaboration and indeed imitation! (How many products have been branded 'UK Tuned' over the years!)

So what better time to be immensely proud of what our UK companies can, and will, achieve.

We've added a Made In Britain link in the Menu above, and will be populating it with products manufactured within Great Britain.

So support UK manufacturing talent and buy British!

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