Naim App On Google Play Store NOW!

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Today sees the launch of the long awaited, and highly anticipated, Android version of the Naim Control App!

With version 4.0 receiving praise for it's simplified and modern look on iOS devices, we've been eager to put this Android first version through it's paces this afternoon!


The clean, minimalist style carries over from the iOS version and, apart from the info tab extras, the Android version offers an equally slick and user friendly experience.

Initially you'll be asked to either set up a new mu-so, or find existing Naim Streaming systems on your network.

The set up of the mu-so differs a little from the iOS methods but is not complicated.

Choosing the different rooms, and then sources, is very straight forward and usefully  below the input icons you'll also find any radio presets or playlists you create later on.

Browsing music via uPnP is slick, and the album artwork grid can be adjusted for the benefit of different sized displays/orientations.

For many Android users though, the sheer ability to actually fully control the everyday operation of their streamer will be a god send after a long time using 3rd party apps that can only do uPnP browsing or volume/input selection, but not together!


We've been running it on a 2013 spec Nexus 7, and an ageing Samsung Galaxy S3, with minimal performance differences.


You can check the app out yourself now in the Google Play Store

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