Don’t settle for a poor quality USB Turntable! Get An Award Winner!

One unfortunate side effect of the resurgence of vinyl is that, for every genuinely impressive turntable, there are dozens of "branded" decks that are just plain nasty!

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the market of USB turntables. Promising a plug-n-play solution to transfer your old (and new) vinyl to pc for playback on other devices around the house or on the move.

Wonderful...except they sound BLOODY AWFUL!

Pro-Ject are here to save the day!

Available to order now, the NEW Debut Carbon Phono USB marries the Award Winning sound quality of the existing Debut Carbon with the addition of an integrated phono stage and USB output! So you can not only connect it to a pc, but also ANY hifi or active speaker that has a line-level input!


Check it out, or pre-order it here at MMA!!


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