Naim Announce the NEW NAC-N272 and DSD updates!


The NAC-N272 is a high-performance Naim preamplifier with extensive music streaming facilities. It combines the two worlds of digital and analogue audio engineering to create a versatile product with exceptional sound performance!


The NAC-N 272 is priced at £3,300 or £3,595 with the optional DAB/FM module, and is the first Naim product able to play DSD64 files. This adds to its already rich list of features and means customers can explore even more music from different sources and in different formats.

DSD files can be played back on the 272 via the UPnPTM, electrical S/PDIF or USB inputs.
To keep the DSD audio routing as pure as possible the digital header information is stripped out by the DSP leaving only the audio. This is then optimised for the DAC by down sampling the stream to 40bit/768kHz, using Naim software to maintain the high sample rate and accuracy. This adapted DSD stream then enters the DAC, bypassing the DACs internal digital filter.


DSD compatibility will also roll out to other products using DSP – the NDS, NDX, ND5XS network players and the SuperUniti all-in-one player via a free software update which will be made available from the Naim website! (Once all compatibility testing is complete)




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