OPPO HA-2 Portable USB DAC/Headphone Amp selling fast!

The NEW £259.00 OPPO HA-2 USB DAC/Headphone amp is a brilliant upgrade for anyone with an iPhone/Smartphone with OTG DAC support, as well as a brilliant solution for PC/MAC users wanting to pipe music into high quality headphones or Hifi amplifier (thanks to the dedicated line output). Otherwise there is still an analogue in for other legacy portables.

We were running in our display unit yesterday it with our test monkey Samsung Galaxy S3 and, given the S3 has a respected Wolfson DAC, the HA-2 was a BIG improvement. In standard gain mode the sound was tighter and with greater dynamic range, an with further drive and scale in High gain mode.

This was with our OPPO PM-2 headphones, which the Galaxy S3 cannot really drive unaided, and they also are being run in........so there is definitely more to come!!


From our initial delivery, we only have 1 left!!! More are on the way from OPPO UKs but supply is limited!

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