Naim Audio Lumina Cables Instore!

When word broke out that Naim were developing a range of cables to extract maximum performance from their all-conquering STATEMENT amplifier, expectations were (deservedly) VERY high!

Any family of cables that were designed to partner a £125,000 amplifier would have to represent the pinnacle of cable design - both from delivering the signal unadulterated and being uninfluenced from outside contamination. Super Lumina delivers. Period.

In a world filled with so called "esoteric" cables, the Super Lumina is actually priced surprisingly within reach of owners of systems that are no where near as eye-poppingly expensive as the Statement system.

Super Lumina synergy encompasses ANY high quality balanced hifi system, as well as Naim's gorgeous Statement, 500 Series and Classic Series.


Our demo set of Super Lumina speaker cables and matching DIN Interconnect are in store and are being run-in now..........which means rediscovering a lot of music over the next few days 🙂

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