Turntable need servicing? You know where to come!

Whether you need a new cartridge fitted (like this Nagaoka MP-110 to a Rega Planar 2 this morning!), suspension and bearing check (hint for Linn LP12 owners: this should be done every 18 months!), or a complete service - Mike Manning has had over 50 years experience in turntable servicing, maintenance and setup.

We can advise the best course of action to bring your deck back up to speed or whether to bite the bullet and invest in a better deck*

Just pop into store, call or email us for further information!


*We have had SO many stories of customers lavishing far too much money on decks that will not repay the investment (and many more of customers wasting money on current hifi that simply is not very good - we are strongly considering starting a blog on the MANY mediocre recommendations pushed by certain "experts")
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