Naim Updates Classic Power Amps with DR PSUs & NA009 Transistors

Following the development of the reference Statement amplifier, @NaimAudio has re-engineered its complete range of classic amplifiers, ‘trickling down’ the Statement high power DR regulator technology and NA009 output transistors!

The NAP 250, NAP 300, and NAP 500 will all benefit from the DR update (and the substantial performance gains this brings), while the NAP 200's DR upgrade (due to it's different PSU arrangement) will benefit the connected pre-amp's performance*.

All (except the NAP200) will also benefit from the NA009 power transistors, that were developed especially for the Statement power amplifier.

It took Naim on a year long journey investigating many disciplines including materials used to construct the transistor, thermal dynamics and die matching techniques.

Each NA009 is serial numbered and fully parameterised in the transistor manufacturer’s temperature controlled clean room. From the serial number Naim know the exact silicon wafer the die was made from allowing them to use adjacent die matching.  

UK Pricing for the new DR models is as follows:

NAP 200 DR £1995.00 inc VAT

NAP 250 DR £3495.00 inc VAT

NAP 300 DR £7295.00 inc VAT

NAP 500 DR £19,500 inc VAT

An upgrade option for existing 250,300, and 500 owners is scheduled to commence at the end of the year (prices TBC).

*Check with Naim for compatibility.

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