The NEW Ruark R4 Mk3 Debuts Instore This Morning

We have been treated to a demo of the new Ruark R4 Mk3 in store this morning and it certainly hit all the right marks!

Sporting a revised (improved!) Walnut finish, and slightly more compact dimensions, the new R4 has all the combination of clout and finesse that everyone loved about the original.

Operating the R4 is an even easier proposition now: the (somewhat) unloved removable dial-based remote, replaced with a more intuitive remote that has much speedier and a wider range of operation. On the main unit the new Roto-Dial is snappy in operation and very pleasing to use.

The original subwoofer fine adjustment facility is now possible via remote (previously users had to use a dial on the back of the unit), alongside continuing the ability to adjust bass/treble/3D sound via remote as well.

With the addition of the optical input, which Ruark envisage many will use as a means of dramatically improving TV sound, there is a very sensible inclusion of display dimming/timeout functionality so the display will not be a distraction when used below a TV.

The Apt-X Bluetooth operated as smoothly and is as well implemented as on the little R1 mk3, and the USB port now supports device charging as well as support for hard drives* in addition to memory sticks.


We will be getting our demo unit (and VERY limited initial stock) very soon, so if you want a chance of securing yours from the initial delivery, get your pre-order in NOW!!!

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