Anthem MRX AV Receiver Trade-In Promo Extended through August!!

The Anthem MRX AV-Receiver Trade-In Promotion has been designed to allow customers to make a genuine saving on Anthem MRX AV Receivers, whilst easily moving on their existing AV hassle trying to sell off on eBay etc and hoping to get a decent return!


Customers can trade-in in any AV Receiver - regardless of value, manufacturer or working condition and in exchange they will receive the following discounts off the Anthem MRX AV Receiver range...........

  • £200 off an MRX-310 (SRP £1,199) making the trade-in price £999
  • £250 off an MRX-510 (SRP £1,699) making the trade-in price £1,449
  • £350 off an MRX-710 (SRP £2,199) making the trade-in price £1,849

Terms & Conditions/Ordering

Customers must complete and sign the trade-in form at the point of sale of the Anthem MRX AV Receiver. Traded-in receiver must be brought into store before collection of the new MRX model going out. The promotion now ends on 31st August 2015.

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