Looking For A Rega Brio-R, or Cyrus 6a? C’mon! You Deserve Better!

While certainly the Brio-R and 6a have gained a lot of positive press coverage from journalists within certain publications (coincidently at a time when said models were stocked in large quantities at their partnering retailers), it is no real surprise to us that both models are being hastily cleared out so shortly after release!

We all love a bargain, but paying less for something that was not really that great to start off with is not a solid recipe for success....

So why not treat yourself to an amp that is GENUINELY a thoroughbred of musical performance, which has taken the designers YEARS to refine?


Enter the Exposure 2010S2!


In itself, the 2010S2 was the result of many years of R&D by Exposure to offer a true step up from the original - and the latest 2010S2D (launched in Feb 2015) required even further commitment to make the next step up!!


We have ONE 2010S2 (in black) left in stock with a MM phono board fitted, at a great price and level of performance that leaves the BrioR and 6a firmly behind it!


Order it HERE now, and prepare to be amazed!


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