Having trouble with 4K (or even 1080P)? Cables DO make a difference!

With the recent launch of BT Ultra HD, and Ultra HD Bluray due at the end of the year, many people will be hooking up devices that sport HDMI 2.0 sockets in eager anticipation of 4K splendour!

However the equipment used is only part of the chain....

HDMI 2.0 does not define new cable or connectors, but, it does require a genuine High Speed (Category 2) cable with a bandwidth of at least 10.2Gbps. The fact is that many HDMI cables (especially 3m or longer) labelled as High Speed fail to meet this requirement. This is epidemic in unbranded/rebranded products.

Buy a "Premium Gold" Sandstrom HDMI lead from somewhere like Currys, and in essence you are buying a tarted up (rebranded) version of the ones they sell for a fifth of the price! Sadly the market is flooded with examples of this HIGHLY profitable marketing scam.

Potential Problems
Cables with insufficient bandwidth will lead to unpredictable system performance and system failures, which can include intermittent picture dropouts or worse.

Given that the quality/method of error correction is at the discretion of the hardware manufacturers, combine an inexpensive 4K TV with a cable that does not or (under lab conditions) barely achieves the required specification and it's no wonder issues arise!

Our Recommendation for UltraHD
All Wireworld HDMI cables (every length and model) exceed the 10.2Gbps speed required for 4K/60fps UltraHD video as specified in HDMI2.0, in fact their shorter lengths can perform up to speed of 30Gbps!

Will that cost you the earth?

Well Wireworld  Island 7 HDMI cables (that are guaranteed to work at 4K 60fps) start from £19.95. A Sandstrom "Gold" cable starts from £89.99.........



Read more at: http://www.wireworldcable.co.uk/hdmi_tech.html

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