Affordable Sound Upgrade For Your PC/MAC

Most people who rely on their PC or MAC for their music listening (or In-game audio) know that the onboard soundcard in most systems are distinctly "Computer Grade" i.e terrible!

They tend to be plagued with audible noise (or other noise that negatively affects other audio components later in the chain), or - in the case of high end headphones - lack the control or drive to give you the best experience.

There are many great high end solutions (the Naim DAC V1 for example), but given the low standards set by onboard computer audio, you can make a step up for a more modest outlay!!

For example, the Head Box S USB from Pro-Ject at only £159.00: It connects via USB to your MAC or PC and outputs over a great headphone output stage (based on the standard Head Box S), as well as offering a Line-Level output on Stereo RCAs for connection to a Hifi Amplifier!


Check it or order yours HERE at MMA!

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