Naim Audio ND5XS Audiophile Streamer Earns 5 Stars in WHF

The latest version of Naim Audio's ND5Xs Network Music Streamer (which adds Bluetooth AND Tidal music streaming) is the reference by which ALL sub £3000 network streamers have to be judged!

The combination of trademark Naim sound quality (which comes from years of their own in-house engineering/R&D etc), supreme connectivity, upgradability, and easy-to-use conveniences like Bluetooth and Spotify has ensured that it has been our No.1 recommendation for enthusiasts wanting to get serious in the world of network music.

What Hifi have also now reviewed it, and it has reaped the 5 star praise it deserves!

Check out the review HERE, or order your ND5XS HERE at MMA!!

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