ScanSonic M Series Speakers Coming Soon to MMA!

Fresh from auditioning earlier in the week, we will be carrying the M-6 and M-9 floorstanding loudspeakers from ScanSonic!

The M-6 in particular is a compelling alternative to MUCH larger rivals at the sub £1000 price point, such as the great Concept 40 from Q Acoustics, for people who want a dynamic room-filling performance without the speakers visually dominating the room.

A compact 2.5-way floorstander, the speaker is designed around an ultralight ribbon planar tweeter and two paper-polypropylene compound bass-midrange drivers. The bass driver assists up to app. 300 Hz for added bass capability. The speaker is front ported in the bottom and is crossed over at 3.5 kHz with a second order filter.

The result is a lively and engaging speaker allied to an assured soundstage, when driven by quality amplification and sources.

Book you demo now here at MMA!

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