Do Your New TV Justice!

Bought a new High End TV? Maybe a top-of-the-range Curved or OLED model perhaps?

What about the Bluray player to go with it?.....oh the £100 cheapo bundled in the deal........SHAME ONE YOU!

Despite what some "experts" claim on a certain Forum website all Bluray decks are NOT the same (the same type of experts claimed all CD players sounded the same as well), so you REALLY need to be feeding a large/high end TV with the best feed possible. Cheap BD decks or "HD" streams from Netflix and the like are NOT going to give you the best that 1080P has to offer (let alone 4K).

The go-to option for reference quality Bluray Players is OPPO, and for most people a BDP103D (or BDP105D for Audiophiles) is the ideal choice. However some people may not wish to duplicate Smart functions built into other devices they already own, or may have a particularly long HDMI cable run to the TV that is proving difficult for a standard player to drive.

This is where the CI (Custom Install) aimed BDT-101CI comes in!

This is a no-gimmicks Reference quality Bluray Player focused purely on playing discs/media to an exceptional standard, and is available in a number of different configurations to suit most Home Cinema/Install applications.

And if you TV is 4K? The OPPO range offers high quality upscaling that beats the onboard processing built into most TVs at the moment. Of course true 4K will arrive with UltraHD Bluray in the future, and should (easily) eclipse the heavily compressed 4K streaming services available at the moment.

As with many things AV, garbage in = garbage out, so make sure your TV is given real quality to get it's teeth into!!


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