Canton 90.3 HDMI TV Soundbase now in store!!

In the increasingly crowded soundbase market, Canton performance stands out with their excellent DM series models, with only the lack of HDMI connectivity being a (minor) bone of contention.

The new DM90.3 is the answer to those who demand HDMI but will not settle for the mediocre performance from lesser mainstream brands.

It has a pair of 110mm coaxial drivers offer a smooth midrange and detailed high-frequency delivery, while four 110mm woofers enable a powerful, precise and dynamic low-end, with 300W total power. The well-made, rigid enclosure sports an uncluttered design and will provide a suitable match to largescreen TVs. Furthermore, the DM 90.3 has all the features to act as a home entertainment hub. Its trio of HDMI inputs can handle 3D and 4K video sources, while other analogue and digital connections, plus aptX Bluetooth provide additional flexibility.


Positioned at the top of the DM range, the 90.3 is £850.00 and available to order/demo in store now!! (Available to buy from our Online Store later this week!!!)



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