Russell K RED 100 Speakers – Unwrap More Layers of Your Music!

Like the baby RED 50 speakers, the RED 100 from Russell K are a phenomenal revelation for those who have been living in a hifi "rut" - for example owners of B&W/KEF speakers - where they have been comfortable (for far too long!) with the very coloured way those designs present music.

Being so fast and nimble, Russell K speakers reveal the layers in instruments and vocals that other designs mask over to such an extent that we have regularly demonstrated the little RED 50s with even some (quality) Micro Hifi systems to show the surprising performance those little systems can achieve.

Of course when you put a real hifi system in front of them that's where the real fun starts!

Now, after too long, the UK press are reviewing Russell's designs and Hifi Pig have got round to trying out the RED 100s. Check out the review in the link below!

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