MusicCast: Sounds Better,More Flexible,Easy To Setup…Forget Sonos!!

Yamaha first introduced the multiroom audio system concept back in the early 2000's, way before the likes of Sonos/Bluesound etc, and this revolutionary system was named MusicCast. It's only real draw back? How widely adopted was networked homes or even wifi back then.....

So, way before it's time but an indication of the groundwork being prepared for when peoples home networks caught up!!

The new generation of MusicCast products have not stood still. Unlike rivals which are limited just multi-room lifestyle audio (PLEASE don't consider the Sonos Playbar setup in any shape or form a serious home cinema proposition), Yamaha's range of MusicCast-equipped products encompass not only lifestyle wireless speakers but also Hifi Amplifiers, Micro Hifis, TV soundbars/soundbases, Home Cinema Receivers, and Desktop Monitor speakers. Plus not only is there the excellent potential of the MusicCast app for streaming, but also the convenience of Bluetooth compatibility (not supported by Sonos).

So, more diverse solutions that sound better, more flexible, and just as easy to setup as Sonos....and now the press are realising the HUGE potential of MusicCast! Check out the AVForums MusicCast system review in the link below!

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