FINALLY!! Bluetooth Headphones With Hifi Performance!

Bluetooth headphones have always been a very "low end" music listening solution - most models being based upon cheap headphones but with Bluetooth modules stuck on to make them a wireless product with a big price hike. We've heard many sub £300 Bluetooth headphones that compare poorly to £100 wired models, and sadly this is all too common.

Until now.....

The new Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless combines the performance of their highly regarded Momentum Over Ear wired headphones (£269.99) with the convenience of Bluetooth wireless and Active Noise Cancelling for only £379.99!

It's one of the most stable and reliable Bluetooth implementations we have come across, and it's up-to-date profile support ensures great compatibility with current and older generations of smartphones/music players. Even more surprising is that compared to running the headphones with a conventional cable, the performance over Bluetooth is VERY close to wired.

The Active Noise Cancelling is also remarkably efficient, providing excellent isolation without ruining sound quality, unlike many other designs on the market.

Yes £379.99 is a premium price, but when was the last time anyone complained about spending a bit extra on something that is genuinely remarkable?


Available to order in store or online here at MMA now!!

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