Linsar Unleashing “Blade Series” 4K TVs This Month!

Linsar's entry into the UHD 4K arena has been anticipated for a LONG time, provisionally called Echo, the team at Linsar did not want to launch the models in such a fragile market - at that point in time HDMI 2.0 HDCP 2.2 had not been fully certified let alone the more recent changes to many apps on the Smart platform- so the delay has been entirely sensible and worth it!

The Blade Series will be available in 43", 49", or 55" and are sure to be as aesthetically stunning as their performance. (We will have the 55" model on display later this month).

Of course the rest of Linsar's range is also being updated, with new 4K entry-level models alongside new FHD models, and the performance/price ratio is going to be as hot as ever!!


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