Neat IOTA Alpha Officially Announced, Available To Order In June!

Neat Acoustics have today confirmed that the Iota ALPHA will be available from Mike Manning Audio from June 2016.

It caused a huge sensation at the Bristol Hifi Show earlier this year (in what was then a prototype form), and the details that Neat have now revealed explains why! Bob Surgeoner explains:

"Visually deceptive, the Iota Alpha required some unorthodox imagineering. The basis of the original Iota (the main drive unit and the EMIT type planar magnetic tweeter) is housed in the top section of the cabinet, in a sealed volume, angled upwards.

 This section is configured as a two-way closed box loudspeaker. The whole of the ported lower section is dedicated to augmenting the lower frequencies, via a downward-firing 134mm drive unit mounted on the bottom panel."

Set for a UK price at £1385.00 per pair, you can pre-order your pair HERE today at MMA!!

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