Pro-Ject’s JukeBox Record Player Makes A More Affordable Return!

A few years ago Pro-Ject launched the Jukebox, a Turntable with built-in 20W amplifier, that was based upon the Debut deck of the day and even came in an Esprit version for improved sound......but with prices starting from £499.00 it was maybe out of reach for many.

Now however, Pro-Ject have announced the Juke Box E not only brings down the price (£299.00) but also boasts Bluetooth connectivity too...

A few corners have had to be cut to get to the lower price: the tonearm, motor, and platter seem to be lifted from the budget Elemental turntable, which means that the balance/adjustment of the arm is fixed for use with the factory-fitted Ortofon OM5e cartridge, so upgrading to a different cartridge is not really an option nor is there the option of upgrading to an acrylic platter......but realistically very few people who want a Plug 'n' play "record player" are not interested in this sort of thing anyway!

On the amplification side, there have been some really useful updates!

You can connect a number of sources via the 3 line level inputs, and there's even the option of pairing and playing music from a mobile device via Bluetooth. The presence of a line output also gives you the option of connecting the Jukebox E to an external system further down the line.

The built-in amplifier now delivers 50 Watts of power which, given the reasonably high efficiency of modern loudspeakers, should be plenty to get a room-filling performance!

The Juke Box E will be available in gloss black, red or white when it goes on sale here at MMA around Mid-July - PREORDER HERE NOW!!

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