Record Cleaning Service Available In Store! For Old and New Records

Have you been hankering after the Pro-Ject VC-S Record Cleaning Machine, but can't quite stretch to it (or maybe you only have a small collection of LPs that makes justifying a £300 cleaning machine difficult)?

For only £2 per LP we can clean your records in store using this fantastic machine, and it's not just Charity Shop purchased records that need a clean!! Even brand new records should be cleaned by a machine like the VC-S before playback, because as records are pressed they naturally have deposits left over from the releasing agent when removed from the mould (This is why your first play of a brand new record will not sound as good as the 2nd/3rd playing).

Just as crucially, certain "drip dry" wet cleaning methods applied to records, end up with the bottom of the grooves being subject to left over gunk that hasn't dripped away. Cleaning with VC-S, it's powerful vacuum leaves your LPs super clean and bone dry!

If you have spent good money on a quality turntable, and care for it's stylus religiously, why subject it to dirty LPs?

Pop in store and get your LPs really shining in both looks and sound.

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