Orbitsound M9 Compact TV Soundbar Coming to MMA!

We have had the guys from Orbitsound in store today to show off their £200 M9 soundbar, which upon firing up delivered a impressive room-filling sound from such a tiny package.

Make no mistake, unlike rivals such as Bose, the M9 delivers a big sound but with genuine clarity and detail!

Key to its success is Airsound, to deliver a sound that is very spatial and engulfs the listener in sound. It presents a soundstage that is akin to a hybrid mix of stereo and mono but with height! Great for music over Bluetooth, but also very clear and distinct for dialogue for everyday TV viewing!

For the price it is really rather remarkable and is certain to please those who do not want a bulky or really wide soundbar to bolster their TVs audio performance.

A demo unit will be in store soon, so pop in to have a listen or get your order in here at MMA!!

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