And Nova Something Completely Different….

Novafidelity (Cocktail Audio) has never been afraid to think outside of the box, and the newly announced N15 encapsulates the innovation that drives the company!

Due Winter 2016, the N15 is in effect a Network Music Player to add to you existing Hifi Amplifier but offers much, much more!!

In addition to this you can add HDD or SSD drives to allow it to run as a NAS, plus connect a PC/Mac and use the onboard USB DAC function to either feed your hifi or the in-built Headphone amplifier.

Want to play music that is not stored on your PC or Network storage? The N15 also supports Apple Airplay streaming, Google Cast Audio, Tidal, Qobuz and Deezer!

Controllable via a apps for Apple iDevices and Android devices, and all being pumped through the excellent SabreES9018K2m Reference DAC, the N15 is sure to be a major hit!!


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