Hifi Sound, Yet 1/8th The Size, The Breathtaking Minimo!

Coming to Mike Manning Audio, the brilliant little Minimo!

Exactly like a true Hifi speaker but 1/8th the size, the MINIMO is a compact 2-way micro-sized Hifi speaker suitable for use on bookshelves and desktops, wall mounted or on stands.

It's long throw 90mm mid/bass unit features a deep rubber surround and a light, stiff aluminium diaphragm driven by a powerful balanced neodymium magnet motor system.

Ophidian's AEROFLEX technology enables this tiny litlle speaker to produce deep and controlled bass notes with a scale well beyond expectations.

Complimenting the mid/bass is a 27mm tweeter with a Sonolex coated fabric diaphragm and low distortion neodymium motor system. This gives excellent dispersion and seamless integration to give an incredible performance.

Order yours HERE at MMA!

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