Experience Counts…….Over 40 Years In The Industry (NOTE: WEBSITE BUILDING FREQUENTLY)

About Us

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Mike opened his first shop in Yeovil back in 1987, stocking & demonstrating a range of quality hi-fi products not before available outside of the larger towns.

Mike's enthusiasm for music, especially live concerts, led him along the road in search of a realistic & enjoyable sound system for the home. On his quest Mike admits that he made many mistakes, often being seduced by 'flavour of the month' magazine reviews & cosmetic appeal. The pressure of the commission based salesman also took it's toll. In an endeavor to fulfill his desire, Mike decided to make a career change, leaving the security of a family based business, to work in a reputable hi-fi shop (Radfords) for over twelve years before branching out on his own.

The staff at Mike Manning Audio are all music and home cinema enthusiasts, not commission based salesmen. Between them they have amassed over 50 years experience of demonstrating, selling & installing 'quality' audio and video equipment. Their customer's have learned to trust their judgement and expertise. 

Demonstrations are carried out in a relaxed & un-pressured manner, making it a more pleasurable experience choosing your heart's (and Ears) desire. 
The product range that we demonstrate and sell is carefully chosen by us for it's performance......Not review or commercially led





Independent, Honest, Advice. We are an entirely independent specialist retailer. We are NOT a franchise with a Head Office that collaborates with "Specialist" Hifi Magazines/Websites to dictate what products get's "Promoted" by means of a "5 Star Review"



Service and Backup. Unlike "pop-up" or established Online/Mail Order companies, we do not pass the buck by referring customer's to the manufacturer if warranty/technical support is needed. If you buy a product from a retailer/trader, legally they are responsible for handling the Manufacturers Warranty claims. If a seller doesn't have the expertise to support a product, how can they be an expert in recommending it?


Experience Counts. With the wealth of information sources in the world today for reading/discussing about Hifi and AV - Forums, (Self proclaimed) Specialist Magazines/Review Websites, it is all to easy dive for (no doubt passionate) sales people to absorb all this (not necessarily accurate) information and proclaim themselves an expert.

Even after (over) 40 Years in the business, we are still learning - through practical experience - what makes a great home entertainment system (and perform to it's potential).


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