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Hifi Sound, Yet 1/8th The Size, The Breathtaking Minimo!

Coming to Mike Manning Audio, the brilliant little Minimo!

Exactly like a true Hifi speaker but 1/8th the size, the MINIMO is a compact 2-way micro-sized Hifi speaker suitable for use on bookshelves and desktops, wall mounted or on stands.

It's long throw 90mm mid/bass unit features a deep rubber surround and a light, stiff aluminium diaphragm driven by a powerful balanced neodymium magnet motor system.

Ophidian's AEROFLEX technology enables this tiny litlle speaker to produce deep and controlled bass notes with a scale well beyond expectations.

Complimenting the mid/bass is a 27mm tweeter with a Sonolex coated fabric diaphragm and low distortion neodymium motor system. This gives excellent dispersion and seamless integration to give an incredible performance.

Order yours HERE at MMA!

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Neat IOTA Alpha Officially Announced, Available To Order In June!

Neat Acoustics have today confirmed that the Iota ALPHA will be available from Mike Manning Audio from June 2016.

It caused a huge sensation at the Bristol Hifi Show earlier this year (in what was then a prototype form), and the details that Neat have now revealed explains why! Bob Surgeoner explains:

"Visually deceptive, the Iota Alpha required some unorthodox imagineering. The basis of the original Iota (the main drive unit and the EMIT type planar magnetic tweeter) is housed in the top section of the cabinet, in a sealed volume, angled upwards.

 This section is configured as a two-way closed box loudspeaker. The whole of the ported lower section is dedicated to augmenting the lower frequencies, via a downward-firing 134mm drive unit mounted on the bottom panel."

Set for a UK price at £1385.00 per pair, you can pre-order your pair HERE today at MMA!!

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Rev Up Your Music With The Riva Turbo X Bluetooth Speaker!

RIVA's Turbo X is a premium rechargeable portable Bluetooth speaker that delivers an unmatched level of sheer drive!

The Turbo X delivers such a potent performance by combining their proprietary ADX Trillium™ technology, Trillium Surround™ and TURBO mode to boost music up to 100 dB. Such a performance  allied to a 26hr battery life makes the Turbo X the ULTIMATE portable speaker for the Summer!

PLUS for a limited time the dedicated Luxury Travel Case is included!


Order yours HERE today!!!

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Naim Muso QB Touches Down In MMA! Spread The Word!

THEY ARE HERE!! The new addition to the Mu-so family, the diminutive QB.

Official launch day is tomorrow, but it is available for demo and there is a handful of units left to pre-order NOW! (Demand from retailers has reached the limit of Naim's initial supply batch!)


ScanSonic M Series Speakers Coming Soon to MMA!

Fresh from auditioning earlier in the week, we will be carrying the M-6 and M-9 floorstanding loudspeakers from ScanSonic!

The M-6 in particular is a compelling alternative to MUCH larger rivals at the sub £1000 price point, such as the great Concept 40 from Q Acoustics, for people who want a dynamic room-filling performance without the speakers visually dominating the room.

A compact 2.5-way floorstander, the speaker is designed around an ultralight ribbon planar tweeter and two paper-polypropylene compound bass-midrange drivers. The bass driver assists up to app. 300 Hz for added bass capability. The speaker is front ported in the bottom and is crossed over at 3.5 kHz with a second order filter.

The result is a lively and engaging speaker allied to an assured soundstage, when driven by quality amplification and sources.

Book you demo now here at MMA!

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Canton DM100 Now On Dem! Uplifting Performance (Unlike the weather)

It may be wet and miserable out there today but, with the arrival of the Canton DM100, DM75 Glass, and DM55, the sound from our TV is bright, and refreshing!

Featuring even more clear and concise sound compared to the Award Winning DM50, the DM100 really extends it's advantage even further when being driven to  surprisingly high volumes. Plus with a level of composure that many "highly reviewed" 5.1  wireless systems would struggle to match....


Why not brave the weather and pop in to have a listen (or order online HERE, if you'd rather stay indoors with a brew!)



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Epic Epos K1 Loudspeakers on Demo

The beautiful little Epos Acoustics ( @eposltd ) K1 loudspeakers have just arrived in to store and are available for demonstration now! Just give us a buzz to book your demo!

In true Epos tradition the K1's are a beautifully understated looking loudspeaker, and with an immaculate standard of construction for a sub £400 design.

Further more, there will also be the optional Active-K module(s) to turn the K1 into a formidable powered speaker setup. Available later in the year, both stages of the Active-K upgrade will make a very tempting proposition for desktop monitoring or for using direct with source components!

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