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Get Your Vinyl Music Around The House!

Looking to get the 5 Star Audio Technica AT-LP5 Turntable? (If no, why not?)

The AT-LP5 is rightly gaining huge praise for it's supreme build quality, flexibility, and great sound....and with a Yamaha MCR-N670D MusicCast Hifi system you could start sending that great vinyl experience around the house!

Thanks to the AT-LP5's built-in Phono Pre-amp, you can connect it to the AUX input on the MCR-N670D and not only enjoy the music through the system but also wirelessly send it to other MusicCast speakers around the house!

Sounds difficult?...Why not pop in store and see how simple it is!!

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Naim DAC V1, Naim NAP100 and Martin Logan Motion 15

For music lovers who want a fantastic experience when using a PC/MAC as source (or even some smartphones - check out our Youtube Video!), the Naim Audio DAC V1 is a brilliant choice!

When partnered with the formidable Naim NAP100 Power amp, you'll have a system that can produce stunning results via headphones or loudspeakers alike.


We have partnered them with the excellent Martin Logan Motion 15 loudspeakers to give a combination with fantastic imagery and detail (even under near-field desktop conditions, as well as traditional room placement), neutrality and with surprising punch for such a compact solution!!

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Yamaha CRX-N560D with Q Acoustics Concept 20

Yamaha CRX-N560D with Q Acoustics Concept 20

Price £749.00

With streaming music evermore becoming an everyday activity, there is a bewildering array of cheap (and not so cheerful) options on the market from many of the "mainstream" and "unbranded" manufacturers.

With the CRX-N560D from established music specialists Yamaha, the great convenience of both network and cloud music streaming is available in a product with REAL hifi credentials!

Partnered by Award Winning Concept 20 loudspeakers, from British firm Q Acoustics, the system produces a fantastic blend of musical detail and a surprising amount of punch from such a compact solution!