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Rega RP1, Pro-Ject Debut Carbon, or AT-LP5? Hear them at MMA!

If you are Googling for a £300-ish turntable (or if you read What Hifi.....urrgghh....stop it!), then you will no doubt  come across the Rega RP1 (with the Performance Pack), Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC, and the Audio Technica AT-LP5.

How to choose which one? LISTEN TO THEM! We have the RP1, Debut Carbon, and AT-LP5 all in store so you can let your ears decide..

So whether the platter is metal or plastic (sorry Phenolic resin..), or direct or belt drive, choose the one YOU like the best, and buy it here at MMA!

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Anthem MRX 1120 Scores Fantastic Review on AV Forums!

Anthem’s award-winning Third Generation MRX Series of high-end multi-channel A/V receivers are known the world over for their class-leading sound quality, supreme power handling, and performance-over-gadgets design philosophy. The MRX 1120 is packed with exclusive audio innovations like Anthem Room Correction (ARC) Technology and Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM) Technology, 4K Pass-Through with fast HDMI switching and more.

The result?

Amazing performance that leaves you breathless and universal praise!!

Check out the latest AV Forums review below or, more meaningfully, book a demo or order your MRX1120 HERE at MMA to take your Home Cinema enjoyment to the next level!!!





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MusicCast: Sounds Better,More Flexible,Easy To Setup…Forget Sonos!!

Yamaha first introduced the multiroom audio system concept back in the early 2000's, way before the likes of Sonos/Bluesound etc, and this revolutionary system was named MusicCast. It's only real draw back? How widely adopted was networked homes or even wifi back then.....

So, way before it's time but an indication of the groundwork being prepared for when peoples home networks caught up!!

The new generation of MusicCast products have not stood still. Unlike rivals which are limited just multi-room lifestyle audio (PLEASE don't consider the Sonos Playbar setup in any shape or form a serious home cinema proposition), Yamaha's range of MusicCast-equipped products encompass not only lifestyle wireless speakers but also Hifi Amplifiers, Micro Hifis, TV soundbars/soundbases, Home Cinema Receivers, and Desktop Monitor speakers. Plus not only is there the excellent potential of the MusicCast app for streaming, but also the convenience of Bluetooth compatibility (not supported by Sonos).

So, more diverse solutions that sound better, more flexible, and just as easy to setup as Sonos....and now the press are realising the HUGE potential of MusicCast! Check out the AVForums MusicCast system review in the link below!



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Yamaha MusicCast Speakers Rake In The Praise!

Fresh on to the AV Forums website, the ISX80 and WX-030 Wireless Speakers are picking up great praise!

Great as standalone speakers, or part of a MusicCast multiroom system, both models offer the performance and flexibility to beat all comers at their price points!

Check out the reviews below or check out the MusicCast range HERE




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Russell K RED 100 Speakers – Unwrap More Layers of Your Music!

Like the baby RED 50 speakers, the RED 100 from Russell K are a phenomenal revelation for those who have been living in a hifi "rut" - for example owners of B&W/KEF speakers - where they have been comfortable (for far too long!) with the very coloured way those designs present music.

Being so fast and nimble, Russell K speakers reveal the layers in instruments and vocals that other designs mask over to such an extent that we have regularly demonstrated the little RED 50s with even some (quality) Micro Hifi systems to show the surprising performance those little systems can achieve.

Of course when you put a real hifi system in front of them that's where the real fun starts!

Now, after too long, the UK press are reviewing Russell's designs and Hifi Pig have got round to trying out the RED 100s. Check out the review in the link below!


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Naim Audio ND5XS Audiophile Streamer Earns 5 Stars in WHF

The latest version of Naim Audio's ND5Xs Network Music Streamer (which adds Bluetooth AND Tidal music streaming) is the reference by which ALL sub £3000 network streamers have to be judged!

The combination of trademark Naim sound quality (which comes from years of their own in-house engineering/R&D etc), supreme connectivity, upgradability, and easy-to-use conveniences like Bluetooth and Spotify has ensured that it has been our No.1 recommendation for enthusiasts wanting to get serious in the world of network music.

What Hifi have also now reviewed it, and it has reaped the 5 star praise it deserves!

Check out the review HERE, or order your ND5XS HERE at MMA!!

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Ruark Audio R2 Mk3 Earns 5 Star Review in WHF

Ruark Audio have certainly carved out an enviable reputation for fantastic quality lifestyle music systems over the last decade, and every new iteration or addition to their range has been warmly received.

The latest R2 (now in Mk3 form) launched earlier in the year continues that fine tradition plus brings Multiroom and Internet Streaming to the Ruark Family!

Check out the What Hifi Review HERE, or Order your Ruark Audio R2 Mk3 HERE at MMA!

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Onkyo A-9010UK Amplifier – Offers So Much At A BARGAIN Price!

Unlike rival amps, where cramming in DACs/ipod connectivity etc seems to be a priority, Onkyo took the A-9010 amp, stripped out that nonsense and spent the money on better quality components and implementing a shorter signal path to create the A-9010UK Edition!!

A REAL introduction to hifi amplification at a really affordable price!



Order yours HERE, and check out the review below!




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