Experience Counts…….Over 40 Years In The Industry (NOTE: WEBSITE BUILDING FREQUENTLY)

In-Store Services


Unlike typical webstores/mail order companies, Mike's business is founded on many years of practical experience in the art of setting up and maintaining quality equipment.

This allows Mike Manning Audio to offer a number of key in-store services that "pop up" e-sellers cannot honour:


In Home Setup*/System Advice



Having been established in Yeovil since 1987 (and having worked for many years in the industry beforehand) Mike has accumulated a vast amount of experience in the art of recommending, configuring and setting up Hifi and AV Systems to extract the best performance. So whether you are buying a new system from us, or resurrecting an existing system (as let's face it an iPod on a dock isn't going to match a proper hifi!), just call or pop into store!

Turntable Servicing


Many customers have invested a large amount of money in trying to get the best out of their vinyl replay throughout the years, and for those who invested heavily in a quality turntable will want to maintain it's qualities over a long period of time. At Mike Manning Audio we can service most turntables, and for those where quality consumable parts are available, at a surprisingly affordable price compared to buying a new "equivalent" deck.

In particular Mike has had extensive experience of the servicing requirements for popular audiophile turntables from brands such as Linn, Rega, Systemdek, Thorens, Michell, Dual, and more.


Tape, Film and Disc Format Transfers


Whether you have batches of family memories on VHS/Betamax/Video2000/Camcorder Tapes/Memory Cards/Cine Film, or have treasured music that you can no longer play on vinyl/cassette/78s/Open Reel that you need transferred to disc or computer file, we can do it for you!

Plus it's not only straight transfers we can perform! We also offer editing, such as trimming clips/adding titles/adding music etc.

Just pop your items in to store, and we will transfer them**, we do NOT send them away in the post to a 3rd party***.






*In Home Setup is available within a local (30 Mile) radius from the store. This is a chargeable service.

**Transfer requests are commenced on Tuesday morning and completed by the following Tuesday.

***Transfers are carried out off site, and are transported in company  vehicles.